7 improvements in diversity at college over the last 10 years

We all know how the LGBT community used to be judged by other people. It is important to understand that some changes still need to take place, however it is also important to see that there were several improvements that made the whole community feel much more welcome into the real world. Let’s learn some more regarding the main 7 improvements in diversity that colleges had over the last decade.

Students are now welcome to be who they truly are.

A decade ago students did not have the proper freedom to show who they truly were, afraid of being judged. Today it is possible to see people acting as they truly are, loving who they want and doing whatever they would like with their lives without being hurt or mistreated.

Schools now have LGBT groups to support the community.

Only 10 years ago, schools were still quite prejudicial when it came to LGBT students. Thankfully, today schools usually have an office with students and professionals that are able to help all kinds of students to feel right about themselves and also to be welcomed into the community.

Some schools, universities and colleges have special restrooms for the LGBT.

It is possible to find schools that have special kinds of restrooms that welcome the LGBT community. It is possible to find all gender restrooms that welcome people that feel comfortable using each other’s washroom. This was unheard of a decade ago. Students are now free to choose and will not be mistreated by doing so.

The Diversity has strengthened the workforce.

Years ago we saw how judgemental universities and schools as a whole were. Today this has changed a lot, giving people the opportunity to show who they are and why they are here. It gives people extra chances because they unite everyone’s talent and put it towards a much better future. The Directors now understand that the LGBT community is a huge number and they certainly will change our future!

Action Projects that have the LGBT community working with all kinds of people.

We are now able to see several different integration projects going on. People are used to accepting each other and knowing how to deal with the differences with love and respect.

Incorporation of LGBT community into the school planning.

The LGBT community has a much larger space into the schools nowadays. Now they are not excluded, they are considered as a very important part of the community, a part that truly makes a difference.


Funding for LGBT specific purposes/ research and projects.

Universities now have funding to help the LGBT feel safer and much more welcome into the world. There are several different meetings, workshops and activities that are funded by Universities. This was definitely unheard of as little as 10 years ago. Now the LGBT community causes a true change within the University as a whole.

We need diversity! If you would like to know more about how important the LGBT community is to us, read

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