Will I Have To Learn About Fertilizers At The University?

environmentThe answer is both YES and NO. It all depends with the course you take and of course, what you will choose to major in as you wind up on your degree. So if  for one reason or another you do not have a soft spot for soil, fertilizers and anything related to farming, choose your courses wisely. If on the other hand you love fertilizers, then you will enjoy studying the following courses.

Soil engineering

It is not engineering per se. In fact, it has very little to do with engines and machines as other engineering courses do. Of course you will have to learn about farm implements and machines but that will just be in passing. You will however have to learn about different soil types and the best fertilizers for each.  This should be fun if you are an outgoing person as it means you will have to travel to areas with red volcanic soil, black loam, clay and even sand. You will then conduct one or two research projects in such areas and find out one or two things about the best fertilizers for the said soils.

Organic farming

Everyone seems to love organic farming. That explains why there are now several careers on organic farming. Enrolling in one of these careers mean that you will have a chance to learn more about healthy and homemade fertilizers. It also means you will have know how to make them. This will come in handy at some point as you may use the skill to make some cash. You know, make your own organic fertilizer and sell a few bags to gardening enthusiasts within and about your neighborhood.  Make no mistake about courses on organic farming. They may sound easy. But they aren’t. You will have to do a lot of research both inside and outside the lab.

Environmental science

Most environmental scientists end up working with forest conservation agencies. But somewhere along their courses, they learn the basics on how different fertilizers serve different needs. So expect to learn how some fertilizers can affect the environment and what you can do about it. Like soil engineering, the course may force you to travel every once in a while to research n effects of not just fertilizers but other substances on the environment.

Analytical chemistry

It has little to do with farming. Very little. The same can be said about the cause and farming. The two are not related in any way whatsoever. But think about it. Synthetic fertilizers are made of nitrogen, phosphorus, ammonia and potassium. You will study each of these elements separately. This means you will have to understand what fertilizer numbers mean. How else will you balance chemical equations in the lab? It does not end there. Most fertilizer manufacturers employ chemical analysts as much as they employ environmental scientists, soil engineers and organic farmers. With that in mind, consider pursuing any of the aforementioned careers. You will learn interesting things about fertilizers and of course, meet charming people along the way.


They could just as easily call it “Back to Stress” instead of “Back to School”

HYPNOTHERAPYThe time has come to head back to school.  Time for learning new subjects, starting a sports regimen if that’s your thing, meeting new people, taking on loads of homework, and of course the dreaded exams to cram for that follow.  That’s a lot of added stress to put up on your shoulders along what you might already have on them.

Are you’re feeling a little anxious, worried about the new schedule you’re undertaking, needing a little boost to your confidence and some extra inspiration?  Or how about you’re feeling weighed down by stress that seems to be coming at you from every direction and feeling you need to find a direction to get set on the right path for you?

Well there’s one path that can help you through everything you’re facing right now.  Hypnotherapy in Tunbridge Wells could be just the path you’re looking for.  You could also start breaking your days into a schedule as well so that you’re ready for the new year and all that you’ll be facing.

Don’t forget to take time for yourself though.  Make time for your favorite hobbies.  Who knows, maybe you’re into poetry readings and there’s a local café near you that some of your fellow schoolmates hang out at.  What a way to kill 2 birds with one stone!  Meet new friends and schoolmates and get to enjoy a hobby you like so much at the same time.  You’ll find people into the same things as you.

You’ll also find new things to get into as well around school.  Taking time to stop and smell the roses brings fragrance to you.  Stopping to enjoy what your new surroundings have to offer brings new things and experiences to you.  Let go of the stress.  Schedule out your study time and when you do that, schedule in a little play time too for you.  Who knows what’s out there until you try and dip your feet in the water and see there’s a wonderful pool awaiting you.

You’ll slide into a schedule smoothly and slowly but surely the more you stick to it and get accustomed to it, the more stress will ease up on you.  You’ll be able to start to enjoy your new path and follow other paths you’ll see branching off with new experiences to be had.  Don’t look at it as stress.  That means you’re letting it beat you down and you’re not getting a fair start off to the new school year.

Just keep telling yourself that yes, you may have stress, but stress does not have you!  Don’t let it get to you.  Find new ways to relieve yourself of it by actually turning the tables on what’s weighing you down by finding what weakness it seems to summon in you and take control of it.  Get on the other side of the coin by staring it down and moving on.  Moving is the only way to get from point A to point B.  Plus who knows what you’ll find in-between!  Just let your stress go.


3 Ways to DIY University Furniture

DORM ROOMUniversity life is expensive, no matter where you’re going to school. Everything costs money, from lunch and clothes to furniture and bedding. Although most things can be brought from home (aside from lunches), there are times when we don’t know what we need for our new living quarters until we get there and get settled in.

If you’re living with roommates, making some furniture from scratch could be a great way to get to know your fellow classmates and have some fun on a budget. With some planks of wood, a table saw and some simple tools, you could be on your way to honing a new skill along with making some great new friends. If you and your roommates split the cost of some tools, the price would be low and would surely beat the cost of buying individual furniture in a retail store. Here are three easy things you can make for your new university life.

 1) Book Shelf

Book shelves are pretty easy to make and difficult to mess up. All you’ll need are some planks of wood, a table saw and a hammer and nails. How tall it is and how many shelves you’d like in each unit is up to you. Make sure you have a level to make sure each shelf is balanced. If you don’t you’ll have all your books and DVDs sliding over to one side the moment there is some slack on the shelf. Depending on your budget, you may want to stain the wood or give a nice paint job once finished.

 2)  Night Stand

A night stand is similar in shape to a book shelf so once you’ve mastered the book shelf, give the night stand a try. You could essentially just make a large wooden box and put it on its side, insert one shelf for books, glasses or notebooks and there you have it. A good sanding and staining is recommended and for extra caution be sure to sand the edges of the table really well. If the night stand is too close to your bed, you don’t want to knock your head or scrape your leg on an unfinished wooden corner.

 3)  Stackable Storage Boxes

If you’ve got left over wood, cut some planks all in even sizes and make a set of stackable storage boxes. You can separate them and put a couple in each roommate’s room or stack them up together for storage in the kitchen or common area. The tops of each storage box could also double as end tables if the height is tall enough.

If your university has a woodworking shop you may be able to ask a senior student or teacher for some tips and advice. If there are no programs like that on your campus, try an internet search for some easy tutorials on how to make some simple designs from wood. Check out this Dewalt DW745 tale saw review to see what the table saw market is like. If you bought a good quality saw now, it could be your woodworking buddy for life. You never know, you might realize a new talent you never knew you had. What better way for a new community of people to get to know each other too. Building something from scratch brings people from all backgrounds together and helps to break down social barriers that often keep us from reaching out to new people. Plan on a budget and get building!



It’s back to school time and you’re going to need to keep your energy up for busy days

natural-proteinTime is something that you can’t afford to waste anymore.  Used to be you kept busy but could always find free time to spend.  Now that extra free time you’re going to find out is a little on the rare side, mostly due to heavy loads of homework.  You thought you had it bad in high school, you’re about to miss those days of homework when you’re taking on classes that easily doubles what you were used to.  Now you also have a campus life to work on.  New friends to make.  Clubs and sports to join.  There’s also roommates to adjust to and get to know and sync schedules with.  There’s a lot going on and you’re going to be busy.

You no longer have a set program for eating, and even though you no longer have mom having a breakfast waiting for you on your way out the door, you still have to start your day with some food for energy.  You’re going to need all the energy you can get in order get through your day from morning ‘til night and maybe around into early morning before you actually can sleep.  Be sure to grab you some food before you start your day.  Carry some snacks like fruit and nuts in your backpack to stop and eat a bit of during the day to keep you going.  Try to have a lunch and be sure to sit down to a dinner too.  Your body needs fuel.  You’ll hear about it in at least one of your classes.

A great way to make it easy to keep your energy levels up during the day that is easy and portable is to drink protein shakes.  There’s a lot that can be gained from them.  Most people don’t equate protein shakes with energy, they automatically think they are for bulking up or slimming down.  It is easy to fix up a shake to start your morning with natural protein for ladies or men.  You can put it in a cup and drink it on your way out the door to start your day.  All it takes is a minute to mix it up with some water, shake it or blend it and take it with you and have energy all morning into afternoon when you can stop and have lunch or another easy to make shake.  It doesn’t get easier than that.

There’s so much that’s going on for you right now, just remember that it’s all for naught unless you take care of yourself.  Drinking a quick and easy, healthy protein shake full of vitamins and supplements will help keep you and your new college life energized.  Have the energy to get through your day in top shape and be full of energy and on point for all your classes and extra-curricular activities.  Feel free to experience college life and all it has to offer, just be sure to stop and take care of yourself so you’re able to enjoy it.

So you want to throw a party?

PARTYBirthdays are the best time to throw a party for a friend. The best party to throw is a surprise party. But how do you plan a party for a friend without them finding out when you live in a dorm full of girls? Well first off you will have to find someone to confide in who absolutely can keep a secret. Then you have to start buying the party supplies. You’re going to need birthday decorations, of course, and you will need somewhere to hide them so that your friend doesn’t see them. So find someone that can store the decorations in there room so that your birthday friend will not see the supplies and get suspicious.

A surprise party can be great fun. But it’s lots of hard work. So make sure you are prepared for the hard work it will take to get prepared for the party and keep it a secret as well. Someone will have to get the friend out of the dorms in order for you to set up so find a friend that is really great at distracting others from the obvious. Make sure you have checked with the dorm mom and that it is ok that you throw a party for your friend. Some college campus dorms have rules and regulations that must be followed before you can have a party, such as forms to fill out or fees to pay. So always check with the college dorm mom before you throw your party.

Get help setting up so that all the decorations are put up before the friend gets back from going out. You will also need someone to help you clean up after the party. If you plan on having alcohol makes sure you follow the rules on alcoholic beverages on campus. You don’t want to be penalized for serving alcohol on campus.

Have some collect money from all your friends for snacks and beverages and designate the one to shop for the food and drinks. This will be the person responsible for keeping the food in there room and getting the birthday cake. Food is an essential part of a party and for a birthday party you are going to need a cake. Whether it be a comical cake or just a basic cake making sure you have one that your friend is going to like is important.

Once you have designated all your friends to handle one of the aspects of preparing the party you need to invite the friends from other dorms to the party. The best way to do this is to send out invites without identifying marks on the outside of the envelope so that your friend may not see what the invites are for.

Keeping a secret in a dorm full of girls is very difficult but it can be done and once that night comes for the party you will see the deception was well worth it when you friend is very surprised and excited to hear surprise as she walks into the dorm common area.


What to consider when moving into a sorority house

So you are moving into your first sorority house and there are a few things that need to be taken care of. When new people arrive they bring with them many things such as clothes, boxes of personal items, and sometimes pieces of furniture. The one thing you don’t expect them to bring with them is bugs, but sometimes they do. Many people are not as clean as you are and can bring bugs with them. The first thing you should do when moving into a new sorority house is to make sure you aren’t bringing in any bugs yourself. This can be done by fumigating your belongings before putting them in the sorority. Then you need to know how to get rid of cockroaches in the home. This can be done in more than one way. You can have the house mother get some bug spray for getting rid of bugs in the house or you can hire a professional exterminator. If you hire someone you should always use a qualified pest control expert. These are the ones that will use organic pet friendly sprays and bait to attract the bugs and eliminate them without causing harm to anyone in the sorority that may have a pet or allergies.SORORITY LIFE

Other things that you should consider when moving into your first sorority house is to make sure your furniture is safe and secure. Other people have used the furniture that is equipped in a sorority house room and there may be some defects to the furniture depending on how long it’s been there. You should always check the bolts and the stability of any furniture pieces before you use them. This will ensure that nothing you put on the shelving units will fall and that your desk and bed are structurally sound. You don’t want to be sleeping and the bed fall down in the middle of the night hurting you or someone else. Sometimes it is a good idea to also buy a mattress cover to cover the mattress underneath your sheets that you provide. You never know what is on the mattress and when it was last replaced. Providing your own clean linen for everything in the sorority room is a must.

Another very important thing when moving into your first sorority house is to inform them of any allergies you have to chemicals or washing powders. If you are highly allergic to any substance you will need to document it on a form so that the house mom knows what you can and cannot be around. Using a special laundry powder to wash your clothes and using special cleaning supplies or gloves to keep from having a reaction is something that will have to be accommodate for. If you do have any allergic reactions while away at college make sure you are treated by a nurse at the on campus doctor’s office and follow up with a licensed doctor.

Doesn’t matter what you claim to be, LGBT or nothing at all, either way you have keep it clean.

CLEAN DORM ROOMJust because you’re out of the house and ready to start college, doesn’t mean to treat it like your old room at home. You know what I mean. Clothes on the floor or laying right in front of the hamper, books, papers, and games strewn all over the place, no more parents telling you to straighten up your room. That doesn’t mean it’s time to go all crazy with leaving everything everywhere in your new home on or off campus. Chances are you have a roommate that you have to consider too. It’s not just you anymore, and it’s not wise to leave messes like you used to at home. There’s no parents to tell you to clean, it’s time you put your big kid pants on and keep things clean for yourself and those you share space with.


Things like common courtesy do not change just because you’re LGBT and out on the world for the first time. Yes, you’re free, but chances are you’re sharing space with other people no matter what their background is. It’s up to you to set an example and keep your domicile clean and hope that your roommates have the same mindset. You want to keep it clean, you want it to be a Housegleam house.


With all the homework and extra things your life is going to start off down a path on, the last thing you want to worry about is taking time to keep everything clean. Especially when you have a paper due in the morning. Good thing is that you have others around you in the same situation that are probably drowning in homework too and the last thing they want to worry about is housework. That’s when you call a cleaning service and split the cost. That way you’re getting prime treatment and not for as much money as you thought you’d have to be paying out because you can now split it between roommates.


Set up a schedule that you can do on a regular basis as far as having someone come and clean. Now because someone is cleaning for you doesn’t mean you have carte blanche to live like a slob and not show any respect to your living area or roommates by keeping the place a sty. However having help cleaning takes a load off your shoulders that you can put into other things such as homework and having a social life with people you meet that have things in common with you.


Now is the time to experience life. Take advantage of free time by setting up a schedule for the housemates to follow to set up a cleaning routine to follow. The more you do yourselves, the less a service has to do and the lower the prices. However if you’re buried under a ton of homework and trying to squeeze in a little social time too, go for the full package. Find a price you can split between all the roommates and agree upon and don’t forget one thing. Enjoy your college life, it’s a time to remember always.

Universities Offer A Staggering Amount of Choices


If you are among the lucky few to be able to enroll in a university, then at some point in time, you

have faced a difficult, potentially even life changing choice – picking the right program. Not only that the variety of options can blow your mind but it’s often very challenging to determine how much potential each of these options has. That may turn out to be especially frustrating, knowing a good, well informed choice will most certainly pave the way to bright, successful future whereas rushed and poorly thought out one is likely to send you to the very bottom of the social pyramid. Careful consideration is obviously due and here, so we’ll discuss some of these options in more depth.Creativity, inspiration, art.

Despite the fact that in recent years we observe a wave of economy-based programs such as International Management, Project Management, Business Administration and so forth. There seem to be less room left for those bursting with creativity and wanting to astonish the world with unbelievable art. Enough doom and gloom though, there are options for you out there as well.

Consider taking up a program that features photography or even environmental design. You can also find some rather unorthodox suggestions such as Cross-Disciplinary Art and Criticism & Curatorial Practice. Ultimately, if you see yourself leaning towards art, then don’t be afraid to browse around until you find what’s closest to your heart.Investing in real estate has always been popular among those who can afford it. Real estate is know to offer a satisfactory degree of stability when it comes to rent and/or selling price variations so it constitutes a safe investment among other things. In addition, chances of extreme sudden deterioration or destruction are slim to none especially if the property in question is situated in an urban area. If learning how to manage, develop, invest and sell properties gets you excited, then by all means check out everything out there – property courses London, Toronto, Seattle, they are out there waiting for you. These specialized courses will arm you with the needed arsenal to tackle various managerial decisions and prosper in the field of property management.We’ve mentioned the large spectrum of opportunities you can take advantage of when it comes to enrolling in a business program. If the very idea of starting your own company fascinates you, then programs such as Business Administration and General Management might be best for you. Or you may be thinking about working in a large corporation, eventually fighting your way to its very top. That is fine as well. Enrolling in those programs will provide you a very useful skill set consisting of advertising, economics, management, interpersonal communications skills and others.While it is not always easy to make the right choice, bear in mind that whatever program you make your mind in favor of, it will equip you with interesting as well as helpful tools to go through life.Consider what you wish to do in life carefully before jumping into a seemingly temping-looking program. Also, make sure to browse around the web and find as much resources as possible to get a better understanding of what is coming down the road.

What to Do Instead of College?

COLLEGESometimes a traditional college isn’t for you. Sometimes you aren’t interested in investing four or five years trying to figure out where to specify your interests. Sometimes, you need to take a while trying out others things, other interests, before committing to something more long term.


If that sounds like you, then maybe you should think about choosing a dental assisting programme as an alternative to college. This programme offers you the opportunity to help out at a dentists surgery without the intensive study required to be a full-time dental hygienists.


-       Why Assist?

Maybe you’re simply looking for a steady job that will rack up a few dollars and that you can fall back on in between other things. If your interests lie in travelling or music or art, but you don’t want to face the possibility of being homeless and broke, then being an assistant could be for you. It’s a good job that pays a decent rate, but doesn’t demand too much from you, so you can spend the rest of your time doing whatever it is you love doing.


-       Why Not Dental Hygiene?

Being a dental assistant is more akin to being a nurse than a doctor. So if you’re the kind of driven, highly intelligent and dedicated person who wouldn’t like being stuck in a singular job, then don’t go for the assistant. But maybe you plan on being part-time mom or dad, and you don’t want to throw yourself, and ten years, into being a dentist proper. If that’s the case, then being an assistant will give you the means to raise your family in both time and money.


-       What Are the Pros?

It’s a short term course, so you’re not spending a lifetime getting the degree. It should take about two years, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. After that, you can go into any surgery pretty much in the world and get a job on the floor. You’ll be qualified, skilled and accredited and you’ll be in demand. You can start earning money from a young age, and save up for the bigger things in life that you want.


-       What are the Cons?

You won’t be able to move up the ranks unless you get a secondary degree in Dental Hygiene. Without that, you’ll be stuck as a second-in-command. Now, for some that’s ok, but for others, that’s a nightmare. Make sure the choice you make it the one for you.


-       Why Does it Matter to LGBT?

As someone who’s on the fringe of society, you want a job that protects your rights. As a dental assistant, you can get a decent job in both the public and the private sector where your right are clearly defined and laid out. Any unfair dismissals, harassment and other discrimination can be dealt with in a fast and lively manner. Not every job can provide this, but if security and safety are important to you, then look into becoming a dental assistant today.

4 Machines You Need in Your College Kitchen

COLLEGE ESSENTIALSSo you’ve moved out of your old home and into the school dorms. Dorms often have a common kitchen area and if you’re in a shared house, same goes. Now that you’re away from your old stigmas and have shaken off the shadows that crowded your old life, think of college as a safe place with a fresh start. One way to start your fresh new life is by eating fresh and taking care of your body. You may not have all the luxuries of your mom’s home cooked meals, but it’s time you tried to make your own delicious meals and with these 5 essential kitchen items, you’ll be the head chef of your living space.


1) Blender

Blenders are a serious necessity for any college kid. Breakfast or dinner, blenders are the secret ingredient for easy cooking. They can be used to quickly puree some veggies for pasta or soup at dinner. This helps when cooking for more than one person as well. At breakfast, blenders are a time saving miracle. Throw in some cold water, juice or milk, then dice up an apple, some berries and a banana and you’ve got a stomach full of vitamins to get you through until lunch.


2) Toaster

For obvious reasons, toasters are also a must-have in any kitchen. Quick and easy toast with peanut butter in the morning and the makings for sloppy joes or burgers at night. Using a toaster is a great way to get your bread cooking while you finish up the stirring and mixing.


3) Slow Cooker

Slow cookers were once seen as grandma’s tool of choice in the kitchen, but such is not the case anymore. In this day and age, people of all ages now appreciate the wonders of the slow cooker. All you need to do is throw your meat and/or beans into the pot, add some water and spices and let the magic happen while you’re in class. You and your new roommates will come home to the glorious smell of a home cooked meal and it should be ready by the time you’re all in the door.


3) Yogurt Machine

One of these bad boys are great to have around, especially on those hot summer days. All you need is plain yogurt, milk of choice, some powdered milk and some fruit for when the yogurt is finished. A Dash yogurt machine is great for eating healthy and saving money too. You’re sure to make fast friends when you’re feeding them delicious snacks like these.


 4) Rice Cooker

Another obvious essential and much like the slow cooker and the yogurt machine. All of these machines can be set up and left alone to do the work while you study. Rinse the rice, add the water and off you go. For white rice, it takes around 30 minutes to cook, depending on how many cups you’re cooking. Brown rice takes about 50 minutes to an hour, again depending on how much you’re making. Once it’s done cooking, it can stay hot in the cooker until you’re ready to eat it. You can fry up some vegetables or meat or even throw the rice into the pan for some pan-friend rice dishes.


All of these machines making cooking easier and will help you and your roommates save money and eat healthy. If you’re lucky, some of your roommates will also know some recipes and you can swap dishes while learning from each other.